Born in 1942, Graduate of the Sorbone in Paris (1960-1964). Doctorate thesis in history of the Cristiada (1972). Researcher and professor at the Colegio de Mexico; at the CDPS Paris. Professor at the University of Peripignan, France, 1973-1987, half the year at the Colegio de Michoacán (1980-1987). Director of CEMCA, Mexico (1987-1993), Researcher-Professor at the CIDE since 1993. Meyer divided his work as a docent researcher between Mexico and France until 1987 and then definitely in Mexico. His themes: agrarian and religious history of Mexico, covering from the XVIII century through the Revolution, covering the national history and the regional history (The Occident and Nayarit). He has published, La Cristiada (3 volumes), Historia de los Cristianos en América Latina. Rusia y sus Imperios 1894-1991, y Samuel Ruiz en San Cristobal. Currently Meyer is the director of the recently founded, History department at CIDE and of Istor, Revista de Historia Internacional.

Recent publications:
1. La gran controversia entre las iglesias católica y ortodoxa.
   2005, Tusquets, México

2. Yo el francés
3. La gran controversia ,entre las iglesias católica y ortodoxas desde los

4. Russia y sus imperios, 2005.
5. La cruzada por México: los católicos norteamericanos y el conflicto
    religioso en México,
2008, Tusquets.

About the Cristiada and Mexican Revolution:
1. La Cristiada (three volumes) Mexico 1973-1975, 20th edition in 2000.
2. The cristero rebellion. The Mexican people between Church and State.
   Cambridge University 1976.

3. Historia de la Revolución mexicana 1924-1929, two volumes. Mexico 1978.
   (Book X and XI), Colegio de México.

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